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By , September 6, 2011 12:34 pm
Because we are meeting more and more people on our journey who doesn´t speak German, we decided to blog from now on in two languages. So please find the English translation of our posts directly under the German text part, after you klicked on “continue reading …”.

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By , July 9, 2011 2:55 pm
Seit dem 1.Juli 2011 sind wir nun unterwegs. Wir, das sind Kristina und Joerg. Unterwegs von Deutschland aus auf dem Landweg in Richtung Asien. Zahllose Stunden verteilt über einen Zeitraum von über zwei Jahren hat die Vorbereitung dieser Reise nun verschlungen. Continue reading 'Sticky: Intro'»

River Bed Bouldering

By , February 24, 2012 12:13 pm
River bed close to Castells de Castellets.


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Mascarat Gorge Brigde Jump

By , February 24, 2012 12:03 pm

Spanien / Spain

By , February 24, 2012 11:57 am

Nach unserer Richtungsänderung von Süd-Osten nach Westen sind wir in Spanien hängen geblieben. Die Kletterei in Sizilien erweckte in uns das Verlangen nach noch mehr Fels und wir konnten der Verlockung, einfach nach Spanien zu fahren, nicht wiederstehen. Nach einer unglaublich kalten Nacht in Siurana sind wir zügig die Küste entlang in Richtung Süden gefahren, schliefen hier und da am Strand und schauten uns erst mal Chullia an.


Selten schöne Schlucht mit vielen Sektoren. Hier schliefen wir eine Nacht auf dem Parkplatz am Ortseingang und eine weiter unten in der Schlucht. Chullia ist ein fantastisches Gebiet aber in der Schlucht unten war es uns mal wieder zu kalt und und wir fuhren weiter nach Sella. Es war ein paar Tage vor Sylverster und wir wollten alles, nur nicht zu allein feieren. In Chullia erzählte man uns, dass es in Sella ein Refugio gäbe und man dort sicher anständig feiern wird. Das Refugio konnten wir in der Dunkelheit nicht finden – Tageslicht hätte auch nicht viel geholfen, es gab nämlich kein Refugio mehr. Also parkten wir unser Auto in Sella in Ort auf einem Parkplatz und schliefen dort. Dort lernten wir Zita und Fernando aus Barcelona kennen, die mit einem VW Bus unterwegs waren. Mit ihnen verbrachten wir ein paar Tage in der Gegend. Am 31. fuhren sie zurück nach Barcelona, und wir schauten uns das Orange House an. Das Orange House scheint zur Zeit die einzige Kletterer-Lodge in der Gegend zu sein. Vorsichtig fragten wir an ob wir dort nächtigen könnten, und ob dort auch ein wenig gefeirt werden würde. Ein netter Britte mit Bierdose in der Hand eröffnete uns, dass sie keinen Alkohol trinken, Sojabohnen essen und um Mitternacht meditieren werden. In Sachen Humor sprechen wir also eine Sprache, dachten wir und blieben. Irgendwie blieben wir dann länger und länger. In Mitten von so viel Fels könnten wir es auch noch viel länger aushalten dachten wir laut vor uns hin und bekamen prompt ein kleines Häuschen in der Altstadt von Finestrat angeboten, dessen Bewohnerin nach Chullia zog und einen Nachmieter suchte. Seit Februar wohnen wir jetzt in diesem Haus, frühstücken lange auf der Dachterasse und gehen mit den Britten vom Orange House klettern.

Unserem Hund geht es auch gut. Er ist (zumindest äusserlich) erwachsen geworden und nicht mehr alleine. Wir haben seit einer Woche noch einen zweiten. Einen schönen Labrador/Pointer Schäferhund Mischling. Auch schwarz und zweieinhalb Monate jung.

English Version: After we changed our traveling direction from south-east to west we have been stucked in Spain. The climbing in Sicily made us keen again and we could not resist, to travel to Spain. After an unbelievable cold night in Siurana we traveled along the coast in direction south, slept at the beach and then took a closer look at Chullia. Chullia is a lovely gorge with lots of crags. There we slept a night at the parking lot in the town and another night down in the gorge. The climbing there is fantastic but again it was too cold during the night and and new years eve came closer and closer and we didn't fancy to spend this night on our own. In Chullia they told us in Sella would be a climbing refuge and of course there should be enough people to celebrate new years eve. We arrived at nighttime in Sella and weren't able to find the refuge – daylight wouldn't make it much easier because the refugio doesn't exist anymore. So we parked our car at the parking lot in Sella and slept there. There we met Zita and Fernando form Barcelona. They also traveld in a Van. We spent some nice days together in the area. At the 31st they went back to Barcelona and we took a closer look at the Orange House. The Orange House seems to be the only climbing loge in this area at the moment. Carefully we asked if we could stay there and if they have planned any kind of celebration. The answer of a nice English guy with a can of beer in his hand was: yes, but we don't drink alcohol, eat soy beans and do some meditation at midnight. We thought in terms of humor we are speaking the same language and joined in. We stayed longer and longer and we thought loudly that we could stay much longer in the middle of this limestone mountains. And promptly we became the offer to rent a small house in Finestrat's older city. The Girl, that used to live in this house moved to Chullia. Since February we we've been living in this house, taking our breakfast in the sunshine on our terrace and go out climbing with the Orange House people. Our Dog is also doing well. He is grown up and since a week he is not alone anymore. We got a second dog. A nice Labrador/Pointer German shepherd mix – also black and two and a half month old.

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year

By , December 25, 2011 6:56 pm
Dear all, We wish you merry x-Mas and an exciting, healthy and perfect year 2012. We have currently set up our camp at a beach in the South of Valencia, are enjoying the nice Spanish sun and have done our review of an exciting year 2011. Since we’ve left Germany in July, we have visited 13 countries, got a new travel partner – our dog Blacky -, organized some financial funds in Germany, have driven more than 15.00o km and are still not tired of travelling. Our first part of the journey led us via Italy and Austria to the western Balkans which were supposed to be a quite interesting area: Slowenia: We really liked it there. We did some nice rock-climbing in Kotecnik and Osp, discovered some caves and enjoyed nice drinks in the city center of Ljubjana. Croatia: Peak of the summer and high season – we think this combination isn’t the perfect one to visit Croatia. But we really enjoyed the islands Rab & Hvar and we met nice people in Paklenica, with whom we travelled to a quite unknwn travel destination. Albania: You cross the border and you’ll find yourself in another world. If you would like to describe it, many people would say “It’s like Asia / Latin America!”. Wild mountain ranges which you only can reach via unpaved and bumpy roads – the intermediate speed is around 10 km/h. Albanian hosts one of the most beautiful ferry rides in the world. There are tons of rock which let the climber’s heard speed up. We’ve met great people there – Albanians, Austrians and Suiss – and found our dog Blacky in the only existing animal shelter over there – Thanks, Maria, for your power and engagement towards the situation of abimals in Albania!!! Albania also became our homebase for trips to the Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. Kosovo: It seems to be the cheapest country where you can pay in Euro. We went rock climbing in a natural park close to Peja and stayed a few days in Prizren. When you travel from Albania to Kosovo a sign on the Albania side just says “Good Luck”. The Kosovo actually has surprised us in a positive way, but we think that Prizren doesn’t count for the whole country. Macedonia: Somehow Macedonia didn’t want us to climb its rocks. We tried it twice, but thunderstorms made climbing impossible. But we learnt a lot about the country while spending interesting hours in conversations with the different Macedonian populations. Skopje, Demir Kaija, the Mavrovo Valley and Lake Ohrid are definitely worth a visit. The most interesting thing we exprrienced in Kosovo and Macedonia was the Balkan interpretation of the Islam. We’ve seen girls in mini skirts, in the bars girls and boys are enjoying alcoholic drinks and in a few regions they even eat pork meat. Extremism seems to be a foreign term to them and we really hope that this will stay like it is in the upcoming decades! And now the second part of our journey has started a week ago and we are in Spain. Before that Jörg spent six weeks in Germany to raise some funds for our trip and Kris stayed in Sicily and enjoyed nice weather, rocks and the small dog there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t follow the initial plan as the Greek border was closed in October for ten days and we couldn’t go down to Kalymnos. Instead of heading to Kalymnos we took a ferry from Albania to Italy. Sorry, Peter, that we didn’t made it. We really hope that you had a great time on Kalymnos. And last but not least we would like to thank all those people who supported us during the last year – especially our parents and closest friends -, furthermore we thank all our sleeping possibilities – Caro, Katja, Stefano, Albina, Remzi, Rino, Preparim, Alex & Christina-, all our travel- and climbing partners – Dani & Tobi, Gebi & Kathrin, Peter, Sara & Roland, Judith & Bruno, Stefan, Christoph, Ruben, Alex – and we would like to thank all of those, we met during our trip and who made this trip very special to us Again, enjoy the X-Mas time and have a great start into the next year! Jörg & Kristina

Ab jetzt drei

By , October 16, 2011 2:05 pm
Seit drei Tagen sind wir zu dritt unterwegs.



By , October 14, 2011 9:23 pm
Griechenlands Grenzen zu Albanien und allem Anschein nach auch Mazedonien sind geschlossen. Es ist ein sehr merkwürdiges Gefühl einen Schengenstaat nicht betreten zu dürfen. Wir werden morgen versuchen eine Fähre nach Italien zu bekommen. Evtl. kommen wir ja von dort aus nach Griechenland. Unsere Träume vom Klettern auf Kalymnos entpuppen sich doch hoffentlich nicht als Seifenblase, die zu platzen droht?

Feeding Mr. and Mrs. Swan

By , September 26, 2011 9:10 pm
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Rock Climbing in Albania

By , September 26, 2011 8:13 pm
Hier eine kurze Doku, die wir letze Woche in Albanien gedreht haben. Here is a short documentary we shot last week in Albania.

cooking jam

By , September 26, 2011 6:35 pm


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Macedonia impressions

By , September 24, 2011 10:17 pm


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